paul flecker
Director of Field Operations
The outstanding level of Marcal's field oversight field supervision is a key characteristic of its optimum, overall project management. This ultimately reflects on the quality and professionalism of the company's operations. The individual behind that oversight is Director of Field Operations, Paul Flecker.

Paul came to Marcal in 2003, with over 30 years of construction and managment experience high-profile construction career that included such with many prestigious New York firms in the New York area. Paul has played a vital role in establishing and maintaining Marcal"s culture of perfection and its reputation for honesty and integrity.

A master of construction, Paul worked his way up in the field, developing a thorough expertise in every facet of the industry, from pouring foundations thru installation of the final trim.

Paul's team-focused people skills are an important dynamic in the optimum relationship the company enjoys with its proprietary team of subcontractors, who consistently come through in meeting and exceeding the most challenging deadlines to adhere to the project's estimated timeframe.