mark caller
Founder and CEO 718-210-0130
As founder and CEO of The Marcal Group, Mark Caller is the engine behind the company's focused vision and achievements. The Marcal Group's myriad successes on diverse frontiers are a credit to Mark's astute perception in identifying strategic opportunities and latent equity potential.

Under his visionary leadership, the company has grown to become an industry leader in the development and repositioning sector. Mark's encompassing ability to identify, secure, reposition, develop and successfully bring to market a most diverse portfolio of lucrative projects have propelled the company to its position as a pacesetter for emerging market trends.This synthesis of strengths continues to drive the company's increasingly definitive role in today's dynamic market.

The team spirit that characterizes The Marcal Group's corporate culture has been nurtured and developed under Mark's skilled leadership and remains among the key elements behind its unparalleled successes.

The company's impeccable record of professional execution, uncompromising quality, and unsurpassed integrity are a tribute to the personal virtues of excellence, honesty and professionalism that define Mark Caller.