ahuvah ribner
Comptroller Phone: (718) 210-0036 ext.210
A CPA with CGMA designation, Ahuvah's work experience includes working for leading firms in both real estate development as well as specialty construction. True to her specialty designation, Ahuvah harnesses her accounting expertise, financial knowledge and prior work experience to provide crucial data and strategic insight to Marcal's administrative executive leadership in the areas of risk management and operational efficiency.

This includes the translation of accounting records to management personnel so they can make informed decisions in managing the project. Optimum accounting is a crucial factor in ensuring the overall profitability of a project and enabling the company's ability to come in on estimate.

In a company such as Marcal, with myriad projects in progress simultaneously with the same subs and vendors, meticulous cost allocation is one of the most crucial aspects of the accounting department's functions. In this regard, Ahuvah serves as the crucial bridge between the construction management arm of the company and its executive decision makers. Her real-time cost analyses ensure that cash flow and profitability are always on target.