abe caller
Project Manager Phone: (718) 210-0036 ext.212
Among Abe's myriad responsibilities is the interface between progress and compliance on any given project. It is a unique brand of expertise that lends itself to practically every phase of a project's development. As is well known, in the world of real estate, the turnaround time of a project can make all the difference in its profit margin. Since joining the company in 2000, Abe's expertise in moving assignments through the building department bureaucracy has been a key factor in Marcal's reputation for expediting projects on-time and on budget.

This veteran expertise is a unique skill set, developed of the course of years of interaction with inspection agencies and departments, from environmental, to health, to zoning, to building. This includes a through proficiency in working around E-designation requirements, resolving or avoiding stop work orders, and expediting the process of obtaining CO's. Lenders have repeatedly cited Marcal for its ability to breeze projects through the notorious bureaucracy that is New York City.

Abe's oversight then moves on to preparing the project for the various required agency filings, where he applies his years of well-honed experience to secure expedited approvals.

Abe's managerial capacity includes hands-on oversight of many of the company's specialty projects including DOH requirements. He holds a construction license from the DOB, as well as a BA Degree in Finance.