382 lefferts
address 382 Lefferts Ave, Brooklyn, NY
project details
7 Stories
Sq Feet
46,000 sq. foot
Affordable Housing
aerial view
aerial view
map view
map view
Lefferts Gardens is a prime example of Mark Caller´s resourcefulness and creativity in strategizing a dramatic change of course to bring equity to a failed venture. 382 Lefferts was under development by a local Brooklyn firm, originally planned as a 26-unit luxury condo building, when the project stalled during the financial collapse in the fall of 2008. Working closely with city officials and the previous owner, Mark re-strategized the project to be developed under HARP, as a 46-unit affordable housing rental building, open exclusively to low-to-middle income tenants. The project was delivered in under 18 months.

In addition to 7 stories of residential units, lefferts has a private parking lot, in house fitness center, recreation room, laundry facilities and additional storage.